Ordering Our Lives According to God’s Will

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I have mentored women for much of my adult life and as I worked and prayed with them, I began to see a similar struggle continually evolve. These wonderful women would feel guilt for not clipping coupons, but not recognize the grave error of missing Sunday Mass. Somehow the need to save 30 cents on cheese slices became a more serious concern than going without Jesus in His Word and His Eucharist . . . their desires had somehow become disordered.

That disorder created chaos within their lives and caused many despair, destruction, depression, or just numbness. However, the universal effect among these amazing women was this: lack of peace and joy in their lives. As I reflected back upon my own journey I could see the times where I lacked peace and joy – my desires were also disordered.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,and all these things will be given you besides.” Matthew 6:33

I prayed with these concerns and this scripture verse was laid strongly on my heart. As I continued praying, God began laying ideas on my heart about creating a women’s prayer group. I could feel His incredible love for His daughters and His desire to order their lives. But, what He seemed to be most clear about was this . . .

Building our lives with a solid foundation requires three steps:

  1. 10 minutes of prayer a day (minimum) –  This is time we spend creating a deep relationship with our Heavenly Father. So many options: Bible, Silence, Adoration, Rosary, Holy Music, Stations, Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc. Our choice. But do not delay; just come.
  2. Sunday Mass – This is where we are fed in Word and Eucharist and receive the grace necessary to get through the week. Want to increase the joy of the Mass? Read and meditate on the Mass readings before arriving (USCCB.org) or attend on weekdays in addition to Sunday.
  3. Getting to confession whenever in mortal sin (but min 2 x a year) – Mortal sin blocks grace. It allows Satan to keep us held down. Do not give him that power. Get to confession. Confession acts as a barrier against the attacks of sin and evil. If we are struggling with serious sin . . . we must go often.

Using these steps as our foundation will allow God to order our lives, so that we may have peace and joy on earth . . . and one day spend eternity with Him in heaven. All other goals and desires must fall in line after these three things. If we want to build, we must have a solid foundation.

The other goals and desires regarding our health, our families, and our careers are also important. God has laid them upon our heart, so to honor them we need to set clear and measurable goals, otherwise, they are only dreams and never a reality. We use prayer to discern the goals . . . we use the planner to set and measure those goals . . . knowing that when we honor all of our unique and beautiful feminine design while living an ordered life – God will build great things through us.

My hope and prayer for you is that God may allow you to glimpse yourself through His eyes. I want you to see how precious you are to Him. I want you to allow Him to walk beside you as your best friend throughout each day . . . so He can breathe into you the living-giving power of His love. Please know of my daily prayers for you and your families. You are His Kingdom Builders, building through Him, with Him, and in Him. I am so honored to build His Kingdom with you.

Mary Jo Parrish

My husband and I met in the Navy and have been married 25 years. We have ten children and live in Fort Wayne, IN. God has been whispering to me about this women's ministry for 12 years. I am excited to be working with an amazing team of women to inspire, build, and support one another as we grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

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