Q: Is this a Catholics-only event?

A: Nope. Our content honors and observes the truths of the Catholic Church, but we welcome women from all faith backgrounds. We are all daughters of the same Father; that makes us sisters. All women are welcome!

Q: Where can I find locations and times for Kingdom Builders Gatherings?

A: Please click on the Events tab on the Kingdom Builder homepage to find Gathering locations, dates and times. 

Q: Can I come by myself to a Gathering?

A: Of course! We want every woman to come and simply receive. We promise there is zero ulterior motive. We are just women coming together to learn, laugh, and be loved. 

Q: What do I wear to a Gathering? 

A: Come in sweats, come in jeans, come in pajamas covered in baby puke ~ just come as you are. Allow yourself 90 minutes once-a-month to rest in the embrace of the One who created you. 

Q: Do I have to actually talk to people and participate in some way?

A: You are welcome to speak with other women or remain silent. But sometimes a play-by-play is helpful so you know what to expect. You will walk in the doors of the Church and be welcomed by the Core Team. They will offer you some beautifully printed material. Then you will find a pew to be seated and listen to a Teaching based on the Sunday Mass Scripture. This will be followed by Eucharistic Adoration with silence and praise and worship. When the Gathering is over, you are free to leave immediately or to stay and speak to other Builder-Sisters. This 90 minutes is a time for you to receive the peace and joy Jesus died to give you. 

Q: How can I stay connected with Kingdom Builders?

A: Becoming a registered Builder has many benefits and helps you to stay connected and in the loop about new KB material, merchandise, events, and content. Go to buildingthroughhim.com and click the Become a Builder button. You can also join us on Instagram ~  @Building.Through.Him or our Facebook page ~  www.facebook.com/BeautifulBuilders. 

Q: What if I forget my password? Can I change my password on the Admin site?

A: Please check your junk/spam email folder first. It usually will get sent there. If not please then click on your Kingdom Builder Host Parish’s“Contact Us” and fill the form out and you will be contacted to help troubleshoot further. 

Q: What is a Mosaic Small Group?

A: These are groups of women that meet for 90 minutes once-a-month (outside of the Gathering) to grow in holy friendships. All women are welcome. To learn more, click here:

Q: What if I am interested in joining a Kingdom Builder Core Team?

A:If you sense that God may be nudging you to join a Core Team, please speak to one of your Host Parish Core Team members. We have a continual process of discernment for new members coming on and coming off. If our Lord has laid that desire upon your heart, we encourage you to be open to His call. 

Q: Do I need to be a member of that specific parish to join their Host Parish Core Team?

A: Nope. We support unity among all Catholic parishes. We often have a beautiful array of women from multiple parishes that make up a single Host Parish Core Team. Often, the Holy Spirit will even use Kingdom Builder Core Teams to bring forth healing and unity between parishes.  

Q: How can I find out more about supporting the mission of KB?

A: Click on the “Support Us” tab to find out more about contributing in different ways. Each tax-deductible gift supports women coming together to be loved in the gaze of our Eucharistic Lord.

Q: What is the Circle of Galilee? 

A: Jesus was supported by three women who provided for Him and the apostles during His ministry ~ Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna. Kingdom Builders Donor model reflects the beauty and generosity of these three women. Click here to find out more. https://buildingthroughhim.com...

Q: How can I bring Kingdom Builders to my Parish?

A: We often find that when an interested woman reaches out to us, the Lord has been preparing her heart. This woman has recognized a gentle restlessness and a thirst for doing something more in the Church, but didn’t know what the Lord was calling her to do or where she really fit. 

Kingdom Builders may be the answer to this call. Our KB Central team is here to pray, support, and love you and the women of your parish as you discern that call. It may feel uncomfortable or even a little scary to reach out to us. The truth is that we are women, just like you, who only desire to do the Father’s Will. 

Just remember that it is not you choosing to bring people to the Lord. The Lord has chosen you ~ His beloved daughter ~ to bring His people to Him. 

Honor the discomfort. Reach out in faith. Contact us at (260) 222-9550 or inquiry@buildingthroughhim.com so we can provide you with additional resources and guidance. 

Q: How long does it take to start a Core Team? 

A: KB Central will support your Team in the discovery and discernment process. If your team does discern to move forward, we will help establish a date to officially launch Kingdom Builders at your parish. You can expect your first KB Gathering to be about three months after your first Core Team Development meeting.

Q: What is the difference between a Host Parish and a Core Team? 

A: A Host Parish is a Catholic parish that hosts monthly Eucharistic Events called Kingdom Builders Gatherings. A Core Team is a group of women that works and prays together at the Host Parish to put on a Gathering each month.

Q: How much does Kingdom Builders cost? 

A: There is no cost to become a Builder-Sister, but if you are interested in starting Kingdom Builders at your parish please contact:


We have generous donors within our Circle of Galilee that underwrite a large amount of the cost of our apostolate. No matter the circumstance: If our Heavenly Father desires it, He will make a way. We see this happen again and again. Do not let money stop you from moving forward.