Measurable Goal Idea Pamphlet

My husband and I met in the Navy and have been married 25 years. We have ten children and live in Fort Wayne, IN. God has been whispering to me about this women's ministry for 12 years. I am excited to be working with an amazing team of women to inspire, build, and support one another as we grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

7 thoughts on “Measurable Goal Idea Pamphlet

  1. I just found out about Kingdom Builders today and have marked my calendar for Feb. 21st. I also downloaded the measurable goals. What can I do to prepare for the 21st?

    • Hello Cindy! Welcome to Kingdom Builders!
      1) First you will want to lay your foundation before you build (10 minutes minimum of daily prayer, Sunday Mass, Confession if in mortal sin). This allows His grace and love to flow freely and fully.
      2) Next, look at your Measurable Goal Idea Pamphlet and see where the Holy Spirit sparks your heart. Do not get overwhelmed. These are only ideas. He is NOT calling you to do all of them. Just listen and mark some areas.
      3) Now, look at your week. Where and when are you going to put these few goals into place? Write them down (you can see my previous blog post with photos). Rinse/Repeat.
      Also – if you could please keep our Kingdom Builder team in prayer. We are currently discerning God’s will for a large enough location with possibly adding an additional day or time.

  2. Awesome! A friend sent me Mary Jo’s facebook posting of this video. I’m so glad I watched it. I’m printing off the pamphlet now that I see it on this website, will go to adoration and be loved by Jesus, then open my booklet. Thanks! I’m going to invite a few other women of the parish for February.

  3. What times do you meet. This sounds like a great idea. Has anyone from south part of Fort Wayne wanted to get a group together? I go to St. Therese in Waynedale or if not I’d be interested in your groups if they are in the evening

    • Susan,
      You would be welcome at any location. Lots of women from many different churches. We are looking to launch at another location in Fort Wayne, but are still praying with that. Please come join us. Our desire is for the Father to love His daughters. No cost. Just come and receive. Bring as many friends as you would like. All women are welcome. We would love to have all of you. There are hundreds of women who attend, so please come introduce yourself after Eucharistic Adoration. We would love your feedback.
      God Bless,
      Mary Jo

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